Car accidents cause some of the most devastating injuries to innocent child passengers. Sadly, auto accidents are still the number one cause of death, disabilities, and injuries in children. This is why it is important that all vehicle occupants are properly restrained and that children are in the appropriate child safety seat to minimize their injuries.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some of the types of accident injuries children often suffer in traffic collisions include:

  • Head injuries – Lacerations and contusions are the most common type of head injuries small children sustain in car accidents. Additionally, concussions and skull base fractures are also common head injuries that kids suffer from in traffic collisions.
  • Thoracic injuries – Rib fractures are common accident-related injuries that children suffer from, as well as contusions and lacerations to the lungs.
  • Abdominal injuries – Bowel injuries, spleen injuries, kidney injuries, and liver injuries are all types of abdominal injuries that children endure in car crashes.
  • Upper extremity injuries – Clavicle fractures, radius and forearm fractures, and other arm and shoulder injuries are common types of upper extremity injuries children sustain in wrecks.
  • Lower extremity injuries – Knee injuries, tibia and fibula fractures, femur fractures, and pelvic fractures are types of lower extremity injuries child passengers suffer in motor vehicle collisions.

While no child will ever be completely safe in a car crash, children are best protected when they are properly restrained in the appropriate child safety seat for their age, height, and weight. As child safety advocates, we encourage parents to get their car seats inspected to make sure their children are riding in the right car seat and that the seat is properly secured in the car.

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