According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, travelers who are thrown from vehicles during Sarasota auto accidents are five times more likely to die as a result of the crash. Once ejected, the traveler could be struck by other vehicles, crushed underneath his or her own car, or thrown at a high rate of speed into a tree or guardrail. Seat belts are designed to restrain the passenger and prevent them from being ejected from the car or tossed against objects or people inside the car during a crash. By keeping the driver in the seat, seat belts also have the added benefit of allowing the driver to maintain control of the car.

For these reasons, Florida enforces mandatory seat belt laws to protect travelers on its roadways. The laws are applicable regardless of day, time, or distance travelled. Highlights of Florida seat belt laws include:

  • All passengers seated in the front seat of a vehicle must wear seat belts when travelling 
  • The law applies to any car manufactured since 1968
  • All passengers under 18 years old must wear a seat belt or be otherwise restrained by a child car seat
  • If an adult Florida traveler is found to be in violation of the seat belt law, the violation includes a $30 fine 
  • If a child is found to be unrestrained by either a car seat or seat belt, as required by Florida law, the adult driver is in violation of the law and is responsible for a $60 fine
  • Florida seat belt law applies to all cars, pickup trucks, and vans operated on Florida roads
  • Children 3 and under must be secured in a federally approved car seat
  • Children 4 through 5 must be secured by either a federally approved car seat or a seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is not an inconvenience; it is a safety measure designed to save the lives of those travelling on Florida roadways. By enacting mandatory seat belt laws, Florida hopes to reduce fatalities and injuries, as well as the overall costs associated with each.

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