Most people are taught that as soon as they unlock their cars and get inside their vehicles, they must reach over their shoulders to grab their seat belts to buckle themselves in, even before starting up their cars. However, some people ignore the seat belt law and fail to put on their own safety belts as well as their children’s.

There are many reasons these individuals have as to why they do not wear seat belts including:

  • They do not feel that wearing seat belts should be a required law
  • They were raised without seat belts and turned out fine, so they feel that they or their children do not need to use them  
  • They are enacting their free will
  • Police won’t catch them or enforce penalties
  • Nothing bad will happen to them or their family

Sadly, these people pass their beliefs onto their children and teach others that it is okay to not wear seat belts. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat belts are still the most single important safety device in vehicles that help prevent injuries by 50 percent, and save lives. Plus, wearing a seat belt is the law.

More importantly, parents have a duty to transport their children safely. The use of child restraints is critical to a child’s safety in the event of a Florida auto accident. If a child is injured because his or her parents broke the law, there can be consequences for that parent. 

A Parent’s Role: Buckling in Their Children

Sometimes parents deliberately do not restrain their children due to their beliefs; however, most of the time, parents accidentally fail to install the child safety seats and restraints properly.  According to NHTSA, three out of four parents do not use child restraints properly, despite parent education and the laws. 

These astonishing statistics indicate that many children are not buckled up properly and are vulnerable to Florida car crash injuries. If you are a parent or caregiver, it is important to make sure the children you are transporting are safely and securely buckled in. To make sure you are using child restraints properly, bring your vehicle into a car seat inspection station near you.

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