There are many injuries that can occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident. A topic of concern for many people involved in car accidents is an injury to the head or brain.

Any injury to the head may cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). The two major types of TBI are penetrating injuries and closed head injuries.

In penetrating injuries, an object enters the brain and causes damage to specific areas of the brain. The damage occurs along the route the object has traveled in the brain. Symptoms vary depending on the part of the brain that is damaged.

Closed head injuries result from a blow to the head. For example, in a car accident when the head strikes the windshield or dashboard a closed head injury can occur.

Closed head injuries can cause both primary and secondary brain damage. Primary brain damage is damage that is complete at the time of the accident. Skull fracture and nerve damage are examples of primary brain damage. Secondary brain damage is damage that evolves over time. Swelling of the brain and hematoma are classified as secondary brain damage.

A traumatic brain injury can also affect ones mental health by impairing one’s ability to think and communicate as they did before the accident.

Someone suffering from a TBI may have trouble with the fast pace of social communication, they may seem over or under emotional, and they may even mistake sarcasm for serious conversation.

Cognitive difficulties are very common in people with TBI. Cognition includes an awareness of one's surroundings, attention to tasks, memory, reasoning, problem solving, and executive functions. Problems vary depending on the location and severity of the injury to the brain.

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Neck Injuries-

Whiplash is a neck injury that can occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident. It is also referred to as a neck sprain or strain. It is characterized by a cluster of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck. It is caused by abrupt jerking motion of the head causing the intervertebral joints (located between vertebrae), discs, and ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots to move beyond their normal range of motion. .

Most people recover from whiplash in just a few weeks, but some people may develop chronic pain after a whiplash injury.

Whiplash injuries can be mild or severe and since it usually involves an injury to soft tissues it cannot be seen on standard x-rays. Many times CT scans and MRI’s are used to diagnose whiplash.

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