Whether a car quickly exited a driveway and into the bike lane or a driver made a left or right-hand turn without seeing you bike across the intersection, you likely came face to face with the bumper or hood of a car. As a bicyclist, you are at a disadvantage in a collision because you don’t have much in the way of protecting you. As a result, you probably suffered serious injuries in the crash.

While the most important thing in the aftermath of the collision is your health and seeking appropriate medical care, it is also critical to seek the full amount of compensation from the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurers aren’t on your side, even though you would think they should be because you were innocent and a victim in the crash. In fact, insurance adjusters have been trained to settle injury claims for as little money as they can.

What to Expect from the Insurance Company After a Bicycle Accident

In the hours or days following your bike accident, you will be hearing from the insurance company. An insurance adjuster will attempt to settle your claim by offering you a specific dollar amount in exchange for your signature. If you sign the settlement paperwork, you won’t be entitled to pursue any further compensation. This is important because you may have a much more serious injury than you realize, such as:

  • Your bicycle accident injury could cause lifelong problems
  • Your injury could be permanent
  • Your injury may require you to make adjustments and modifications to your home
  • Your injury may prevent you from working or holding the same type of job

While the amount the insurance adjuster offers you may sound like a large figure and tempting to accept, it is important to remember that insurance companies will never willingly offer you the full amount your claim is worth. They aren’t in business to give money away. This is important to understand, because your injuries may justify a much bigger settlement than they are offering you.

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