Yes. The lawyer you pick to handle your car accident case and represent you can influence how much money you will receive. The reason for this is that insurance companies will assign higher values to cases with attorneys who have proven track records. Not every personal injury lawyer in Florida is the same. In fact, there are some lawyers who have never tried a case in court, and insurance companies know this and will assign a value based on the case specifics as well as an attorney’s ability to try the case.

When choosing a lawyer for your case, make sure you hire a trial lawyer with a good record. By doing this, you will already set yourself up for success. Insurance companies have databases on lawyers and know which attorneys aren’t afraid to pursue a case all the way to trial. In the same way, insurers also know which attorneys have never presented a case in front of a judge and jury, which can cause them to undervalue a case right from the start.

When choosing an attorney for your personal injury case, find out his background, if he has been to court, and if he has been successful in similar matters. It is also important to find out if the attorney you have chosen has insurance experience. For example, attorney Damian Mallard worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies before defending accident victims, which gives his clients an advantage because he knows how the insurance company thinks and defends cases.

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