Being a “biker” in Florida means a lot of things to different people. For some it may bring a sense of rebellion, for others it may be relaxation. Riding and restoring bikes could be a hobby, or it could be a way of life. Regardless of what it means to everyone else, to you it means happiness.

Of course, with thrill comes risk, and for motorcyclists, risks are everywhere. We never know what may be around the next bend, or if the car behind us can see us hit our brakes. If we do take a spill, there is not much between us and the pavement, but despite all of the obvious risks, the greatest danger is hidden in a seemingly harmless place.

Cars Turning Left Pose Danger to Motorcycles

One of the most common type of motorcycle accident is when oncoming cars turn left in front of motorcycles, causing a collision. Whether the car misjudges the speed at which the motorcycle is approaching or simply does not see it—the frequency at which these accidents occur is alarming.

While any accident involving a left turn typically places the left-turner at fault, since the law states that you cannot begin a left turn until it will be safe to complete the turn without interfering with traffic, the “blame game” does not do much good when a motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured.

As is the case with most motorcycle accidents, the best line of defense to prevent these accidents lies with the motorcyclist. While cars have a duty to follow the rules of the road, an attentive and defensive biker can see problems before they occur and work to minimize the effects. With left turning cars, while a motorcyclist may not be able to stop a car from turning left, he or she can gauge the odds of a conflict and put an “escape route” into motion.

Avoiding Trouble

As a motorcyclist, when you approach an intersection, look to see if there are any cars in the turn lanes. If there are, can they see you? Are their tires turned and rolling? Are there cars in your close vicinity that may prevent you from maneuvering to avoid the car if it chooses to turn?

By identifying threats and solutions, you are protecting yourself twofold. It is much better to ride prepared and survive than to assume that other cars are looking out for you. If you have been injured by a negligent driver turning left in front of you, you deserve compensation. Click on our live chat link now to reach out to us and learn more.


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