We have all been pedestrians at one time or another. Whether we walk to the store or work, cross the street, or walk for exercise or pleasure, we have all had to risk traffic at some point. Unfortunately, pedestrians are no match against moving motor vehicles. Sadly, many pedestrians suffer fatal injuries in traffic accidents every year.

Some of the things that put pedestrians at risk in Florida and across all states include:

  • Poorly designed infrastructures
  • Failure to comply with traffic laws, such as speeding or jaywalking
  • Bad choices made by drivers
  • Poor choices made by pedestrians
  • Texting while driving or walking
  • Drunk driving or walking intoxicated
  • Longer commute times means people are walking longer or driving further
  • More cars on the road

While some states had an improvement in pedestrian safety, there are still 10 states that top the list in fatal pedestrian accidents. In fact, pedestrian fatalities increased in most states. While Florida was actually one state that had pedestrian deaths decrease, our state still is one of the top five dangerous states for pedestrians, according to 24/7 Wall St. that reviewed information from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Following Delaware, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Louisiana, Florida ranks as the fifth most dangerous state for pedestrians with 476 total pedestrian fatalities and 2.46 deaths per 1000,000 residents, according to NHTSA. One of the reasons why pedestrian fatalities declined 4.3 percent between 2011 and 2012 is due to Florida’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, which is providing resources to improve local infrastructures.

Although our Sunshine State used to lead the nation in pedestrian fatalities and has moved down the list to the number five spot after pedestrian fatalities fell, we still have a long ways to go to improve pedestrian safety in our state.

Whether you travel by car or by foot in the Sarasota area, we all have a part in making our roadways safer. Please share this article with other drivers and pedestrians to make them aware of just how dangerous our state is for pedestrians.

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