Florida’s great weather causes a lot of people to take to the streets by foot. Although it is good for the environment and healthy for an individual to walk to destinations, pedestrians are often in danger on the roadway. Cars, SUVs, trucks and buses weigh a lot more than a person. Additionally, motor vehicles move at a faster rate than pedestrians, so it is no wonder that pedestrians are no match for moving cars.


Because of Florida’s nice climate and the fact that motor vehicles outweigh and outrun pedestrians, it is no surprise that Florida has one of the highest numbers of pedestrian fatalities in this nation. In 2010, the state of Florida was second in fatal pedestrian accidents. More shocking numbers include:


  • Florida is 50 percent higher than California’s fatal pedestrian accident rate
  • Florida is 62 percent higher than Texas’s fatal pedestrian accident rate
  • Florida is 85 percent above the national average of fatal pedestrian accidents


Because of this jaw-dropping information and statistics indicating Florida has a major problem keeping pedestrians safe, the state of Florida has started developing a statewide Pedestrian Safety Action Plan.  There is an entire website devoted to pedestrian safety that includes pedestrian safety resources and information about pedestrian safety projects found here.


Although the Florida is working on minimizing these horrific pedestrian accident statistics by improving the streets, everyone still has a ways to go. This means that pedestrians need to watch where they are going and do a better job of crossing streets in crosswalks. In return, motorists need to pay more attention to the road while looking out for pedestrians and yielding to them.


It is only then, when everyone works together, that the approximately 4,000 pedestrian deaths and 59,000 pedestrian injuries that occur throughout this nation every year will decrease.


Until then, people are still getting injured or killed in Sarasota pedestrian accidents. If you were injured, or a loved one was killed, in a pedestrian accident in Florida, you may have rights to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver involved.


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