Walking as a form of transportation has become increasingly popular across this nation. According to a new report, Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2014 Benchmarking Report, released by the Alliance for Biking & Walking, both biking and walking has increased in popularity.

Because many people are taking interest in their physical fitness or wanting to save money at the pump, they are ditching their motor vehicles—contributing to the increase in the bicycle and walking movement. Because of this, the report looks at these alternative means of transportation and how walking and biking relate to:

  • Public health
  • Safety
  • Social and economic wellbeing
  • Crash fatalities
  • Transportation costs
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic growth

While this report looks at the numbers behind the trend for all states, we are going to focus on Florida’s data. Although Florida isn’t one of the largest states for pedestrian or bicycle commuters, there are still plenty of people who walk and bike. Unfortunately, Florida ranks high in these types of fatal accidents. The report ranks Florida as follows:

  • In last place for bicycle and pedestrian fatalities, receiving 50th place out of 50 states.
  • In 42nd place for commuter bicycling and walking levels.
  • In 19th place for people getting their recommended physical activity.

Because this report reveals once again that Florida leads the way in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities, bicyclists and pedestrians should make sure they are biking and walking safely, and obeying the road rules in order to avoid injuries, or deadly accidents. Please spread the word about the dangers of biking and walking by sharing this blog on Facebook with those you know.

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