After a car accident, you will probably be contacted by the insurance company and asked to provide your legal name, date of birth, address, and social security number. While providing this information may seem like a normal part of the claims process, what you don’t know is that the insurance adjuster you are talking to is using the information to look into your past claims history.

Most insurance companies subscribe to a service that provides them access to a national claims database. They can quickly find out if you have ever had a prior auto accident claim, bodily injury claim, Workers’ Compensation, or homeowners claim. This database, known as the “Index System,” allows them to learn more about you, your health, and the type of past injuries you had. They do this to lower their liability and try to settle your case for pennies on the dollar.

What Car Accident Victims Should Know

If the insurance company finds out that the injuries from your recent car accident are similar to injuries from a past injury claim, it will do everything possible to deny your claim or present you with a lowball settlement offer.

Insurance adjusters also use the Index System to keep track of attorneys. Insurance companies know which lawyers always settle cases and which attorneys will take their cases to trial if they aren’t happy with a settlement offer. This is why it is critical that you hire an experienced trial lawyer and provide him with all of the relevant information about your recent accident and injury, as well as any past injury claims. By getting out in front of your past claims history, your attorney can help interpret the medical information correctly, negotiate from a position of strength, build a strong case for you, and attempt to recover the most compensation possible.

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