Keeping children safe is important to parents. While parents do many things to keep their kids safe from harm, one of the most important things parents can do is to have a conversation with their kids about being safe and to implement some safety rules.

While a stranger-danger conversation isn’t the only message to preach to your kids anymore, it is still essential to talk to your children about safety with strangers and what not to do. Additionally, it is a good time to remind children that if they are in doubt about anything that has to do with their safety, they should always check with you first.

While you don’t want to scare your children, it is important to discuss some safety rules when it comes to their bodies, such as:

  • Be the boss of your own body
  • Pay attention to your inner voice or that “Uh-Oh” feeling
  • Use your voice when you are in an uncomfortable situation
  • Say “No” to someone if they are being aggressive in some way

By explaining “private parts” to your children as their “bathing suit zone” and letting them know that no one—including an older child, adult, stranger or someone they know—should touch them in their bathing suit zones, you will empower your kids to take control over their bodies.

By having this conversation, it opens the door for your children to know they can talk to you about anything.


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