As parents, we are tasked with the responsibility of watching out for our children and helping to keep them safe. This is why it is important to learn about the myths surrounding child sex abuse in order to be aware of the dangers facing our children. Some common myths about child sex abuse include:

Myth #1: Child sex abusers are adults.

Fact: While most child sex abusers are adults, there are many cases of children abusing other children. In fact, there have been cases in Florida in which older children have bullied or threatened younger children into performing sexual acts. This is being called child-on-child sex abuse, and it has become an issue in our society over the past several years.

Myth #2: Child sex abuse can’t possibly occur at school or church because children are being supervised.

Fact: While there are adults supervising children at school and churches, there are times in which teachers, pastors, and leaders are not carefully watching children. Sometimes, sex abuse can occur in the bathroom, in a classroom, or somewhere on the premises of the school or church. Sadly, leaders who are supposed to be supervising children are sometimes the ones harming children.

Myth #3: Most sex abusers are strangers.

Fact: Children who have been sexually abused are often abused at the hands of someone they know. Whether the abuser is a coach, teacher, pastor, leader in the church, Boy Scout leader, or other person in a leadership position, most abusers aren’t strangers. In fact, they often get to know the child and start grooming him or her before striking.

Myth #4: Children will tell their parents when they have been sexually abused.

Fact: Most abused children don’t automatically tell their parents they were just abused. This is because children are often embarrassed, scared of their abusers, and confused about what happened and whether they could be partially to blame.

We feel it is in your best interest to know these truths in order to learn about child sex abuse. By learning all you can, you can help keep your children as safe as possible. Additionally, you can help keep other children safe by sharing this article with those you know on Facebook so other parents can learn about these child sex abuse truths.

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