As a parent, you are most likely aware of the potential dangers on the Internet, at school, and even at home as the media has warned parents of child Internet predators and child sexual abuse. Despite hearing messages about sexual abuse and how it occurs, parents don’t hear much about how to prevent their child from becoming a victim of child sexual abuse in Florida. This is why our Florida child abuse attorneys want to shed light on the simple act of communication as a prevention tool.

The most important thing you can do as a parent is to talk with your child about sexuality and sexual abuse to help protect your child from becoming a victim. By talking openly and directly about these things, it allows your children to know that they can come to you with questions about their body parts or concerns. Unfortunately, so many parents don’t know what to say on this subject matter, so they say nothing at all. Instead of ignoring the subject, it is best to teach children the names of their body parts in age-appropriate language so that they can express to you any concern they have about those body parts. 

When talking with your children about their body, you will want to explain that some body parts are considered private. These types of talks can include:

  • Letting your children know which body parts are private and that no one ever should look at their privates or touch them in those areas without a parent there (for example, when providing medical care)
  • Telling your children that if anyone should look at their private parts, touch them in their privates, or show them their own privates  that your child should do the following:
    • Say “no” to any touch that makes them uncomfortable
    • Tell the nearest adult around as soon as possible until they can tell you
  • Sharing with your child that if anyone tells them that touching them is a “secret” that it shouldn’t stay a secret between you and your child—make sure your child knows that he or she will not get in trouble by telling you this secret 

By talking openly with your child about the aforementioned things, it teaches your child that this topic isn’t taboo between parents and children. In fact, these talks should be ongoing through the years to help prevent your child from becoming a victim.

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