After a child is emotionally, physically, or sexually abused, the last thing parents want to do is put their child through trial. However, parents may be relieved to know that they can still pursue justice but also protect their child. If you are worried about pursuing a child abuse lawsuit or putting your child through a courtroom trial, here are some ways your child can be protected in the process:

  • File the lawsuit using your child’s initials – By using only your child’s initials on the claim, your child’s name will not appear on public record. This is a protection for children that should always be used.
  • Attend all interviews with your child – Your child does not have to be interviewed by any party alone. If you or your child desires, you, your child’s attorney, and therapist can be present at any interview.
  • Have your child give a recorded deposition – By having your child record his or her deposition at your home, attorney’s office, or therapist’s office, your child will most likely be spared from having to testify in court.

It is important to have an attorney on your side who knows how to handle child abuse lawsuits and who will do everything to protect your child’s privacy and identity. When you work with a child abuse attorney, you can be confident that your lawyer knows the available protections for children and will do everything in his power to protect your child as much as possible. For more information about pursuing a child abuse lawsuit call our Sarasota office today at 888-409-3805 for a free, private initial consultation.

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