After you have discovered that your child has been abused physically, emotionally, or sexually, you and your family have to decide if pursuing legal action is the path you want to take. It doesn’t seem right letting the abuser off, and your child will most likely need counseling and possible medical treatment for life due to the abuse. Because of this, most families chose to file child abuse lawsuits for the purpose of:

  • Pursuing justice
  • Collecting damages
  • Speaking out against the wrongdoer
  • Standing up for their rights
  • Making sure the abuser is held responsible

It may be the right decision to pursue a legal claim against the abuser. On the other hand, children and their families may want to leave the abuse in the past and move on with their lives. Additionally, some children may feel embarrassed or ashamed about what happened. They don’t want to relive it for fear of going through more trauma and pain.

It is important to remember that a Sarasota child abuse lawsuit is actually a critical step in helping a child victim move forward and begin healing. However, a child may be stressed when faced with going to court. Because you don’t want to subject your child to any more trauma, learning how to best protect your child during this time is critical. Instead of being fearful of putting your child through a courtroom trial, it is essential that you learn how to protect your child as best as possible so that you and your child feel better about this entire process.

Things you should know about protecting your child during a Sarasota child abuse lawsuit include:

  • There are protections available to child victims. A child’s initials should be used instead of a child’s full name in a lawsuit. Also, attorneys can request that the child have a video deposition instead of testifying in open court.
  • TV cameras can be barred from the courtroom.
  • Your child’s attorney will have the court do everything to protect your child’s privacy and identity.
  • Children can take a tour of the court before trial and learn where safety officers will be positioned.
  • Abuse victims can be provided with separate waiting rooms in the courthouse so they don’t see the abuser outside of the courtroom.
  • Court personnel can walk victims to and from the parking lot.

The best way to protect your child is to make sure you have an experienced Sarasota child abuse attorney on your side.  A knowledgeable attorney will be familiar with the laws and will know how to protect child victims during the legal process. At Mallard Perez, we will inform you about the available protections that can be used and will do everything we can to employ these child protections and other safeguards in your case.

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