If you have been rear-ended, side-swiped, or in another type of accident in which the other driver takes off, you may not know what to do. Your first reaction may be to panic, which typically may turn into fear and anger. But before you focus on these feelings, you need to take the following steps, including:

  • Be observant – This may be hard to do after an accident when your emotions and adrenaline may be running high, but it is in your best interest to try and remain calm and collect information. What type of car was the other driver in? Look closely, if possible, to get the make, model, color, and even license plate or partial plate numbers. Look to see which way the driver sped off.
  • Call the police – Report the hit-and-run accident to police. Give them as much information as you can about the other driver’s vehicle so they can be on the lookout for the other driver. Also, let them know if you are injured so they can send an ambulance to the accident scene.
  • Stay at the accident scene until the police arrive – Pull your car over to the side of the road when it is safe to do so. If someone is kind enough to help you after an accident, ask for their contact information in case you need witnesses to the crash.
  • Seek medical treatment – It is critical that you have a medical examination immediately because you only have 14 days to see a doctor in Florida before you lose your rights to PIP benefits.  
  • Report the accident to your insurance company – You may have uninsured motorist coverage that would provide benefits to you in a hit-and-run accident. Also, the police might find the other driver and your insurance company can go after the other driver’s insurer. Never give a recorded statement or sign any papers without speaking with your attorney first.
  • Call a personal injury lawyer – An experienced attorney will be able to help you recover as much compensation as possible.

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