While the YMCA would like to think it is a safe place for children of all ages, there have been several allegations of child abuse against YMCAs across this nation including:

  • A 17-month-old girl was allegedly abused at a YMCA after her parents found bruises on their daughter’s thigh and buttocks.
  • A six-year old girl told her parents that a day care employee made her perform a sexual act with him at the YMCA.
  • A five-year-old stated that a day care employee took lewd photos of her at a YMCA child-care program.
  • Thirteen children between the ages of six and eleven were abused by one childcare operator at a YMCA.
  • Other children have accused YMCA day care workers of child molestation and sexual abuse.

Sometimes child abuse at YMCA organizations occurs due to understaffing. When a YMCA has a deficient teacher-student ratio, it could allow child abuse to occur. For this reason, the YMCA should follow proper staffing ratios that should prevent an adult or older child to be alone with a child. When the organization doesn’t comply with the necessary staffing ratios, they are basically allowing child abuse to happen at its facility.

Although the YMCA does attempt to prevent child abuse from occurring, some of the facilities need to improve their child protection policies and processes. When a YMCA fails to put child safety practices into place, it can make parents wonder if other YMCA locations don’t have child protection policies and proper staff ratios.

Before putting your child in a day care or afterschool program at a YMCA in the Sarasota area, you should check into the facilities’ policies and staff-children ratios. Also, we encourage you to spread the word with other parents you know by sharing this blog on Facebook.

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