It is one of all parents’ fears—someone causing harm to their children. Although it might be difficult to imagine that your child may be a victim of Florida child abuse, you need to analyze the facts, and fast.

When you suspect your child is being abused, talk with someone else who is close to your child. For example, if you are married, talk to your spouse. By discussing your concerns with someone else who knows your child really well, it will help you determine if your child is behaving as a child abuse victim. 

If you agree that your child may be crying out for help, try to determine where this abuse could be happening. It could be occurring at school, at church, or in an after school-program, such as the Boy Scouts or an activity held at the YMCA. You might want to talk to other parents to find out if their children are displaying unusual and concerning physical or behavioral signs. 

Then What?

After you have determined where you think the abuse is occurring, talk to the alleged abuser. It is a wise idea to have your spouse, a friend, or a neutral third party at the meeting. By confronting the person, you will be able to hear his or her explanation and observe the person’s reactions and facial expressions. 

Make sure to report your suspicions and the alleged abuse to local legal authorities so they can investigate. If you don’t want to confront the alleged abuser, you can let law enforcement handle its own investigation. In addition to calling the authorities, make sure your child is examined by a doctor and that he or she talks to a professional counselor.

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