After you find out that your child was abused by another child, you may be confused about what to do. Do you pursue justice, even though another child is involved? Do you talk to the other child’s parents or teachers and let it go? It is easier for parents to be angry at abusers and pursue claims against abusers when the abuser is an adult. This is why many parents of child abuse victims don’t know what to do when the abuser is a child.

While we know that accusing another child of abuse may be difficult, by doing so you are showing your child that you believe him or her. Additionally, taking action may reduce the risk of another person being abused by that child.  By holding the child accountable, the child and family involved can get the help they need and hopefully avoid future abuse.

However, from time to time organizations and other people may share some of the responsibility. Sometimes your Florida child abuse claim may be against the institution that the child abuse took place at, such as:

  • Church
  • School
  • Daycare
  • Boy Scouts
  • YMCA

For example, if an institution failed to monitor children appropriately or placed older children in charge of younger children, that organization can share some of the blame for the acts of the abuser. The most recent example of this is when children were put in leadership roles in the Boy Scouts. Some of these child leaders actually fondled other children, performed unwanted touching, carried out other sexual acts, performed oral sex, and even raped other children.

By holding not only the child but the organization responsible, parents of child abuse victims in Sarasota can help make a difference by reducing the chances of this horrible act affecting another innocent child. By filing a Florida child abuse claim against the child and organization involved, your child will be able to seek justice and collect damages for the injuries he or she suffered.

At Mallard Perez, our Sarasota child abuse attorneys know how to examine all aspects of the abuse incident to determine if an organization could bear some of the responsibility for what happened. We would be happy to talk with you in a free, private initial consultation at 888-409-3805 today.

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