Knowing your child has suffered at the hands of an abuser is horrific, but knowing your child and family will have to face an uphill battle following the abuse can be traumatic. Because many families just want to put the incident behind them and move on, they choose not to pursue a child abuse lawsuit; however, the Florida families that do seek justice need to know that sometimes the abuser and his or her organization will fight back.

Knowing that the other side might contest the abuse is not intended to scare you, but to inform you so that you and your family can be prepared for what lies ahead. Sometimes, the stakes are so high for the abuser (i.e., the possibility of losing his or her job) that the abuser denies that the abuse ever occurred. 

Typically, the abuser belongs to an organization like a church, school, Boy Scouts, or other group that has an insurance company and lawyers to stand up for the abuser. While it may seem horrific to you that an insurance company would defend an abuser and try to discredit your child’s testimony, you have to keep in mind that the insurance company is only looking at their bottom line. They don’t want to have to pay out any additional money more than they have to.

This is why it is critical that you and your family seek legal counsel to prepare you, your child, and your case for the long haul. An attorney who is experienced in child abuse cases and has stood up in Sarasota courts in front of juries knows how to handle your child abuse lawsuit.

Make sure you know what to expect during this time and download our book or call our law firm at 888-409-3805 for a free copy of our book, When the Unthinkable Happens: Your Guide to Florida Child Abuse Claims.

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