After your child has confided in you that he or she was abused physically, sexually, emotionally, or verbally, you have many decisions to make. Besides getting your child the right professional help so that he or she will be able to heal properly, you also need to decide if you want to pursue a claim for damages.

While many parents don’t want to subject their child to any more trauma or expose their child to the legal system through a courtroom trial, parents also need to consider two very important things:

  • Seeking justice - Your child’s perpetrator should not get away with what he or she did and potentially abuse another child. By seeking justice through a child abuse lawsuit, your child and your family will feel like you had the last word and that your child’s perpetrator is getting punished for his or her bad actions. Abused children should hold their abusers accountable.  
  • Recouping finances  - The abuse may require medical and psychological treatment for your child, resulting in medical bills and counseling (psychiatric and physiological) expenses. Your child may need professional help for a number of years in order to fully heal, and parents often seek professional help as well. Making sure your child and family receive the best care for mental trauma can be expensive. Additionally, if you pursue a claim for damages against the perpetrator, you will want to recover legal fees and compensation for mental anguish and more. 

When child abuse in Florida and throughout this world occurs, victimized children may relive the memories of the abuse for life. Because the horrible event will cause children mental trauma, it is critical to seek justice and get the right professional help for your child. Although pursuing a lawsuit is a huge decision, especially if your child is young, there are protections that experienced attorneys can and will take to help protect your child.

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