Commercial trucks travel on just about every road around the Sarasota area, which means your chances of being involved in a truck crash is probably higher than you realize. While you might be a safe driver, it is always good to have a reminder about how to drive safely around a semi, such as:

  1. Be aware of the No-Zones. Large trucks have many blind spots known as “No-Zones” that cause you to disappear from the trucker’s line of sight. If you are driving in these blind spots, it increases your chance of being in a crash with a truck. For this reason, we suggest that you avoid lingering in a truck’s blind spots.
  2. Don’t pass on the right. Truck drivers sometimes swing out wide to make a right-hand turn. If you speed up to pass on the right, your vehicle might get crushed between the truck and the curb. 
  3. Don’t cut trucks off. It can be frustrating to travel behind a large truck, causing you to want to speed up and pull in directly in front of that semi. Because trucks cannot bring their rigs to a complete stop without adequate space, you should leave plenty of space before merging in front of a truck so that you don’t get rear-ended.
  4. Keep your distance. When following a large truck, it is important to leave plenty of room between the rear of the truck and the front of your car. If you cannot see the truck driver in his side mirrors, then you are following too close and may end up rear-ending the truck.

These are all four common causes of truck crashes, which is why it is best to follow these tips to reduce your chances of being in a serious accident with a semi. To help protect your friends and family from being in a wreck with a truck, we encourage you to share these tips with them on Google Plus.

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