You may be driving down the highway obeying all of the traffic rules and obeying the speed limit, when out of nowhere another driver makes a negligent choice, involving you in a Sarasota car crash.

Because car crashes occur so fast, they are often hard to avoid; however, here are five tips that may help drivers avoid such accidents:

  • Manage the space around your vehicle
  • Keep a space cushion in front and to the sides of your car
  • Maintain the four-second rule
  • Allow a longer following distance when necessary
  • Avoid another driver’s blind spots

When another driver makes a mistake, a sudden move, a last-minute lane change, or an abrupt stop, you need to know that you have enough space around your vehicle to give you the needed time to assess and respond to the situation. The area around your vehicle functions as a space cushion, giving you extra time to react.  

All drivers should keep a space cushion ahead of their vehicle, to the sides of their vehicle, and, if possible, to the rear of their car.

In order to keep a space cushion ahead of your car, keep a safe following distance of four seconds. By maintaining the four-second rule, you should be able to avoid a road hazard by steering away from an obstacle on the highway, reacting to the problem ahead without striking the back of someone else’s vehicle, or braking in time to prevent a Sarasota car accident.

The four-second rule only works when the pavement is dry, however. When the road conditions are wet or streets are not paved, you will need to maintain a greater following distance, as it will take more time to stop in these conditions. This is why it is important not to follow too closely behind another vehicle during the wet winter months, in order to avoid a Florida auto accident. 

In addition to keeping enough space between your car and the car in front of you, you also need to keep enough space to the sides of your vehicle. This will give you an escape route if you need to change lanes suddenly to avoid a crash. This extra space will also allow you to avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot.

You may have done everything right and were still injured due to someone else’s negligent choices on the road. Before discussing your personal injury claim with the insurance company, please protect your interests and call a knowledgeable Sarasota accident attorney at Mallard Perez. Call (888) 409-3805 to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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