Pedestrians in Florida are considered to be the biggest group of road users who are the most vulnerable. However, there are ways pedestrians can improve their safety and reduce their chances of being in an accident on Fruitville Road. By knowing when, where, and what conditions cause pedestrian accidents take place, you may be able to reduce your crash risk.

According to the NHTSA Crash Report, there are some important facts that pedestrians should consider before stepping out:

  • Fatal pedestrian accidents are more likely to take place between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • The number of pedestrians killed between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. is greater than during any other three-hour time frame.
  • Pedestrians are at high risk for being in a fatal pedestrian accident on Saturday and Sunday.
  • January 1st and October 31st are the two deadliest days for pedestrian fatalities.
  • The most deadliest season for fatal pedestrian accidents is Autumn.
  • Most pedestrian fatalities occur in urban areas.
  • Bad lighting conditions and walking in the dark can contribute to pedestrian fatalities.

While these facts may not stop you from walking for leisure, exercise, or commuting to work, it may make you think twice about the dangers of walking between certain hours and in the dark, fog, or rain. For example, if you walk or run outside before work or get up early to walk to work, you may be walking before there is ample light. Additionally, if you are walking home after work in the evening, you may be walking when lighting conditions are poor. Especially in the winter when there are shorter days, pedestrians are at risk for being hit by drivers who cannot see them.

Although most crashes involving cars and pedestrians occur due to distracted drivers, impaired drivers, and drivers who speed or are not looking out for pedestrians, pedestrians can help reduce their crash risk by being mindful of the dangers listed above and by abiding by the following rules:

  • Wear bright clothing
  • Wear a reflective vest or jacket when walking during poor lighting conditions
  • Never wear headphones or listen to music while walking
  • Don’t text while walking
  • Always use a crosswalk to cross a street
  • Don’t cross against traffic signals
  • Don’t step off the curb before looking both ways

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