Although temperatures in Florida are moderate all year long, rain can fall from the sky on any given day of the year. While rain is appreciated and much needed—rainfall can also cause motorists headaches and lead to crashes and pedestrian injuries.

While a pedestrian might not start out walking in the rain, a sudden downpour can soak a pedestrian and leave him or her in a dangerous situation. Not only does rain make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, but slick roads can make it hard for drivers to be able to stop in time.

Wet Weather Dangers for Pedestrians

Most drivers’ fail to look out for pedestrians, and many drivers’ have a hard time seeing pedestrians on the road because of their smaller size. When driving in rain, these drivers’ have an even more challenging time being aware of pedestrians’ and yielding to them. The reality is that rain will continue to be a factor in many pedestrian accidents and injuries because it alters a driver’s perception.

When drivers have to see through the rain, they often focus their attention directly ahead of them due to the poor visibility—failing to use their peripheral vision to look from side to side. This means that a driver might not see a pedestrian approaching from the side or crossing at an intersection.

Unfortunately, rain impairs vision and can affect how a driver sees through a windshield—especially a dirty windshield. Not only does rain affect vision and mask things in the road during the day, but it can be difficult and even debilitating at night because of how lights are reflected. Rain can interfere with headlights, traffic signal lights, streetlamps, and even Christmas lights—causing distortion. For example, Christmas lights can cause a glare on wet roads, traffic signal lights can be reflected off the wet pavement, and headlights and street lights may not illuminate the roads properly making the lights less effective.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

If you have been hit by a negligent driver, you may have suffered head trauma, broken bones, and other serious pedestrian injuries in Sarasota. Make sure you collect the compensation you need and deserve. Before settling with the insurance company, pick up the phone and call a pedestrian accident attorney to find out more about your rights and learn how much your case may be worth. Mallard Perez can help and will provide you with a free consultation.

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