Due to Florida’s great weather, motorcyclists can enjoy riding their bikes year round in the Sunshine State; however, there are some years that bikers aren’t able to ride as much due to wetter and cooler weather. According to a new study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), weather was a main factor in 2013 motorcycle fatalities.

The report indicated that motorcycle fatalities fell seven percent across the U.S. from 2012 to 2013. With 4,610 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2013 compared to 4,957 deadly motorcycle wrecks in 2012—many say the drop in deaths in 2013 was due to the wetter weather most of the nation experienced in the first nine months of the year. Because the first six months of 2012 were unusually dry and warmer, it is believed that more motorcyclists were out riding—contributing to the higher percentage of motorcyclist deaths.

While rain can deter many motorcyclists from riding and dryer, warmer weather can bring out more bikers on the road, there are some safety tips that motorcyclists in all weather conditions should adhere to, according to GHSA, including:

  • Reduced speeds. Riding a motorcycle at high speeds is the cause of 35 percent of deadly motorcycle wrecks.
  • Increased helmet use. Because some states like Florida don’t have mandatory helmet laws, many bikers ride without the protection of a helmet.
  • Ride sober. Drinking and riding don’t mix. According to the most recent data, 29 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involve a rider with a blood alcohol concentration of over .08.
  • Obtain a proper license. When bikers ride without getting the proper motorcycle license, they are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes.

While there are many things in addition to this list that motorcyclists can do better to reduce their chances of being fatally injured in a motorcycle crash, other drivers generally are the cause of motorcycle accidents. When other drivers learn to look out for motorcycles, yield to motorcyclists, and share the road, motorcyclists will be safer.

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