Most of the time, bicycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers; however, negligent manufacturers and defective equipment have also been to blame for cycling crashes. While most bicyclists face dangers on the road from motorists, some cyclists have experienced the dangers of equipment failure. Although it is rare to hear about bicycle equipment defects, it does occur from time-to-time and has contributed to a number of bicycle accidents.

When bicycle equipment breaks or is defective, it can leave a cyclist in danger. When these situations occur, a bicyclist may be thrown from the bike or caused to crash into a car.

Some of the types of bicycle defects that can lead to a bicycle accident include:

  • Snapped pedals. If bicycle pedals aren’t attached properly—which includes lining up the threads of the crank arm and pedal spindle—the pedals can fall off.
  • Defective carbon fiber bicycle frame. While most cyclists want bikes made out of carbon fiber because they are lighter, this material sometimes can be compromised and makes it impossible to detect cracks in the frame until it is too late. Only when the frame has broken can a defective carbon fiber frame be noticed.
  • Fork failure. When bike forks are constructed from lighter weight carbon fiber, it is possible that air pockets can lie underneath the surface undetected. Unfortunately, this can lead to cracks in the fork.
  • Handlebar failure. When handles aren’t installed correctly, they can break and cause the rider to crash.
  • Loose quick-release skewers. When the quick-release skewers that hold the wheels onto the bicycle are too loose, the wheels can come off of the bicycle and cause a rider to wreck.

When bicycles aren’t made correctly or are put together poorly, it can cause serious risks to cyclists—causing them to become ejected and crash. Sadly, defective bicycles have caused many victims serious fractures, handlebar injuries, head injuries, and other serious injuries.

If you believe your bicycle accident was a result of a defective design or improper manufacturing, you may have a legal claim against the bicycle manufacturer. To learn about your rights to a legal claim, order a free copy of our book, What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck, or Bike Accident.

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