While most motorcycle accidents occur as a result of negligent drivers, some motorcycle crashes are caused by motorcyclists themselves. Whether a driver of a car suddenly pulls out in front of a motorcycle or changes lanes into a motorcyclist, or a motorcycle operator enters a corner too fast, one thing is for certain: riding a motorcycle is dangerous and can result in a crash.

It Is Important to Know the Best Ways to Avoid an Accident

Because crashes are even more dangerous when on a motorcycle, it is important that motorcycle operators know how to best avoid them. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure other drivers can see them. Not only should motorcyclists wear bright colors when riding, but they should follow these safety tips, including:

  1. Obey the road rules
  2. Ride at a pace they are comfortable with
  3. Never ride in a motorist’s blind spot
  4. Maximize vision when riding
  5. Avoid riding in loose gravel
  6. Minimize riding in the rain or inclement weather
  7. Check tires to make sure they have enough pressure and tread
  8. Always pay attention when riding on the road

While it Is Best to Avoid a Crash Altogether, Sometimes it Is Not Possible

For this reason, it is great that motorcycle operators know how to reduce their chances of suffering severe injuries in a collision, including:

  1. Take a rider course to brush up on motorcycle safety
  2. Know the road surface you are traveling on
  3. Understand the capability of your bike
  4. When in doubt, slow down and cover your brakes
  5. Always know you routes of escape
  6. Never lay the bike down
  7. Shed as much speed before a collision
  8. Always wear a motorcycle helmet, eye protection, and other safety gear

You can help reduce your risk of being in a crash and increase your chance of survival by following these guidelines. In addition, being educated on motorcycle safety and knowing how to handle your bike will help you be more comfortable on your bike and can put you in better control of it. By being educated on motorcycle handling and crash avoidance, your own brain can help you reduce your chances of suffering a brain injury or other type of serious injury in a motorcycle collision.


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