There are many “facts” about motorcycle safety and motorcycle accidents that are wrong and are actually myths. While experienced bikers often know when they hear something incorrect, new riders might not know that some of the things they hear are urban legends or popular misconceptions. Because we know that many riders believe the wrong information they have heard, we want to debunk some popular myths about motorcycles. By uncovering these fallacies, motorcyclists will have the right information that will help them make safe decisions on the road—helping to reduce motorcycle accidents.

Some of the popular misconceptions about motorcycles and motorcycle accidents include:

Myth #1: Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Reduces Sight and Hearing

TRUTH: Motorcycle helmets do reduce wind noise and the loudness on the road, but they still allow motorcyclists to hear sounds. DOT helmets are required to provide 210 of vision and do not restrict vision.

Myth #2: Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Can Lead to Spinal Cord Injuries in a Crash

TRUTH: Studies have shown that this information is untrue. In fact, many studies have indicated that helmets help reduce neck and spinal cord injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Myth #3: Loud Bikes Save Lives

TRUTH: While loud pipes on a motorcycle do help to let others know when a motorcycle is near, most motorcycle accidents occur when drivers of cars turn out in front of motorcycles. Unfortunately, having loud pipes doesn’t reduce a rider’s crash risk.

Myth #4: Motorcyclists Are Safer Riding on the Streets Opposed to the Interstate

TRUTH: While many bikers may assume that slower speeds may reduce their chance of crashing, city streets have more hazards including cross traffic, intersections, and driveways. Riding on an interstate or highway is actually safer and reduces the risk of wrecking.

Myth #5: Lay it Down If You Think You Are Going to Crash

TRUTH: While this theory used to be taught in motorcycle safety courses, it is not longer recommended. Laying a bike down can cause a rider to suffer serious injuries from making contact with the ground.

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