Whether we drive a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, or have not driven since gas cost less than two dollars per gallon, we all share one common mode of transportation—walking. Because of this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been busy promoting its campaign, Everyone Is a Pedestrian, to improve pedestrian safety.

This important campaign pushes safety from both sides of the pedestrian equation, encouraging safe behavior from both motorists and pedestrians. It has provided grants to cities throughout the United States to improve safety for foot traffic, and it has made strides in contributing to the decline in pedestrian injuries and fatalities over the last three years.

Shared Responsibility for Pedestrian Safety

Part of what makes this particular program so effective is that it focuses on the responsibilities held by both pedestrians and motorists. So many state and local efforts before this have only focused on the pedestrian’s role in their own safety, but by including drivers, accountability is shared across the board. Also among the helpful hints and activities on the campaign’s site are some sobering studies and reports on just how dangerous it can be to travel by foot.

As people who walk regularly know, certain neighborhoods and cities are more conducive to walking than others. Everyone Is a Pedestrian has given citizens the tools to evaluate the walkability of their own neighborhoods and offered avenues to reach out to government officials regarding potential improvements. The campaign also offers classes to help these officials promote pedestrian safety in their towns.

With tips and tricks for all ages and all modes of transportation, Everyone Is a Pedestrian is an easy, one-stop shop for people to learn about keeping their sidewalks safe. Invite your friends to check out all that the site has to offer by sharing this article with them on social media—and get walking (safely) today!


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