The Boy Scouts of America has long had a troubled history with its leaders and cases of child abuse. Recently, the organization has put incredible effort into cleaning up its image, but a recent Oregon Supreme Court decision has put the Boy Scouts back in the spotlight.

Attorneys who currently represent plaintiffs with cases against the Boy Scouts have released over 20,000 pages of allegations of child abuse within the organization from the two decades spanning from 1965 through 1985. These pages contain over 1,200 files that detail abuse, and are known within the Boy Scouts as files on ineligible volunteers.

The release of these files comes as a result of an $18.25 million ruling in a 2010 lawsuit, also from the Oregon Supreme Court, which involved charges against the Boy Scouts of America for allowing an assistant Scoutmaster to continue working with Scouts after admitting to molesting 17 young males.

What Do These Boy Scout Abuse Files Mean to You?

While these files could have serious implications for the Boy Scouts organization, it also highlights the importance of keeping tabs on the caregivers in your child’s life. Extracurricular activities play an important role in shaping your child’s development, and the men and women involved have the chance to be a very positive influence. They also are in a position to do great harm.

No matter what organizations your child may be involved with, take this opportunity to start an open line of communication with your child. Abuse can bring up feelings of great shame and confusion in children, and it is important that you are keen to some of the common signals that indicate possible trouble, such as:

  • Depression
  • Self-Destructive Behavior
  • Overt Sexual Behavior
  • Problems at School
  • Anxiety

If you see these symptoms emerge in your child, he or she may be experiencing abuse at the hands of caretakers in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, the YMCA, or after-school programs. Reach out to our firm now by clicking on the live chat link to learn what your next steps should be.


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