More than likely you have had to drive next to a large truck in Florida. Whether you find yourself sitting next to one in traffic on I-75, or you are heading down U.S. 41 behind a semi, you probably don’t feel very comfortable when driving close to a tractor-trailer due to its large size. Not only are semis big and heavy, but they have large blind spots that can put motorists at risk.

Although all vehicles have blind spots, commercial trucks have larger blind spots. Unfortunately, blind spots reduce truck drivers’ visibility, making their maneuvers more risky. Because of the sheer size of trucks alone, both truck drivers and drivers of passenger vehicles need to be careful when sharing the road.

When a trucker doesn’t look very closely in his mirrors, he could change lanes directly into a smaller car. Not only can a truck changing lanes put a motorist in danger—causing the driver to swerve—but it can often lead to a serious crash. When truck drivers make poor choices and poor maneuvers, severe truck wrecks can occur.

Shockingly, truck drivers aren’t the only ones who are to blame in trucking accidents. In fact, drivers of cars often drive in trucks’ blind spots and cut trucks off. Because trucks can present a serious danger to motorists, it is important that all Sarasota drivers learn about semi trucks and how to share the road with them. Some of the things drivers should learn about trucks include:

  • No-Zones. Blind spots in large trucks are known as “No-Zones.” Because semis are large and high off the ground, there are areas around the truck that are hard for truck drivers to see. In fact, there are many No-Zones around commercial trucks including those in the front, rear, and side. Drivers need to avoid driving in these blind spots in order to reduce their risks of being in a truck accident.
  • Mirrors. If you can see a truck driver in his side mirror, he can probably see you. However, if you cannot see the driver, chances are he probably can’t see you. If this is the case, you should speed up or slow down in order to get out of the truck’s blind spot.

Unfortunately, No-Zones are dangerous and are common areas involved in truck crashes. Because large trucks have the capability for causing serious injuries to drivers and passengers, it is in your best interest to avoid traveling in their blind spots and to let others know the same. You can share this article with those you know on Facebook by selecting the like button to the left of the screen.

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