There are many vehicle and pedestrian accidents in Florida. In fact, Florida has one of the highest rates of pedestrian accidents in the nation. Although fault rests with drivers the majority of the time, sometimes pedestrians do not follow traffic signals, don’t wear reflective clothing, or step out in front of the cars. In some cases, there are other factors that contribute to motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, such as fog.

Fog has been a factor in many early morning accidents. Unfortunately, drivers cannot see very far ahead when driving in fog, and many pedestrians have been struck as a result. Sadly, some pedestrian accidents during foggy mornings or evenings turn tragic—resulting in disabling injuries or death.

There are many pedestrians who run, walk, and work out during the pre-dawn hours. When pedestrians walk in heavy fog, it is very difficult for motorists to see them—increasing their chances of a pedestrian accident. A potentially deadly driving condition, pedestrians need to realize that fog acts as a wall and reduces a driver’s visibility.

When drivers and passengers are out on the roads during poor visibility conditions, they are increasing their chances of being in traffic accidents. Visibility issues aren’t only a factor during foggy conditions, they can also be the result of dark nighttime conditions, other inclement weather conditions, and dark streets with poor lighting.

Foggy Accidents Emphasize Pedestrian Safety

Because fog is a dangerous road condition, pedestrians who want to be outside in the fog should think again. Many pedestrians have been hit by vehicles on foggy mornings or evenings. Because drivers cannot see that well in foggy conditions, it is not the wisest idea to walk or jog in the fog.

It is important to take the foggy conditions seriously, stay indoors, and to pay extra careful attention when on the roadways during this time. If you have to walk in the fog, it is best to wear reflective, light colored clothing, avoid talking on the phone, minimize distractions while walking, walk facing traffic, move as far to the right side of the road as possible, and be extra careful. 

It is important to spread the word about the dangers of foggy conditions to help reduce needless auto and pedestrian accidents along Bee Ridge Road, Fruitville Road, University Parkway, U.S. 301, U.S. 41 or any other road in the Sarasota area. We encourage you to share this important information on Facebook. Doing so, can help save someone you love.

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