More and more people are commuting to work these days on bicycles. Knowing they can get exercise while coming and going to work is what motivates a large percentage of people to ride their bicycles instead of travel to work in their cars. While this happens to be the incentive for some, others like the fact that riding a bicycle to work helps them save money at the pump. Either way, many more people have turned their car keys in for cycling shoes.

Over the last several years, one of the biggest groups to make the switch from driving cars to riding bikes is adult males. Both older and young men have taken up cycling, and they find it an enjoyable way to get to work while staying fit, all while saving money on gasoline.

Unfortunately, the number of bicyclists killed on roadways in our nation has increased. Sadly, the number of cyclists killed in crashes with cars has spiked in 22 states between 2010 and 2012, with Florida, California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Texas representing 54 percent of all bicyclist deaths.

Spotlight on Highway Safety: Bicyclist Safety, a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, reveals the following statistics:

  • Between 2010 and 2012, bicycle deaths increased 16 percent.
  • In 2012, cyclists age 20 and older made up 84 percent of bicyclist fatalities, while the same group only represented 21 percent of bicyclists deaths in 1975.
  • In 2012, 74 percent of bicyclists killed in this nation were adult males.

In light of this information and the changes in bicyclists’ crash patterns, adult male cyclists in Florida need to be especially concerned for their safety. While these statistics are in no way designed to scare men out of cycling to work, this information is intended to remind all cyclists—especially adult males—to be alert, obey the road rules, wear bicycle helmets, and ride responsibly while on their bikes. Additionally, these statistics should be a warning to drivers of vehicles to pay closer attention to cyclists, yield to bikes, and never drive distracted at the wheel.


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