Many Floridians love riding their bikes; however, most people like to ride their bikes without the use of a helmet. The fact is that bicycle helmet use is uncommon across all age groups, but it is lower for children than adults. The reason for this could be that serious cyclists know that wearing helmets can save their lives—decreasing their chances of suffering a serious brain injury. However, children don’t typically think about the consequences. All they want to do is ride for fun and look cool while doing it.

Unfortunately, there is a saying amongst motorcyclists that also holds true for bicyclists: “There are only two types of bikers; those who have wrecked and those who will.” While this saying may seem pessimistic, it is just reality. There are too many distracted drivers and other factors that contribute to bicycle accidents in Florida and nationwide, and bicycles are just no match for cars. Sadly, bicyclists often suffer head injuries and other catastrophic injuries in crashes. This is why all bicyclists should wear bicycle helmets every single time they ride.

According to a recent study, bicycle helmet use—especially among children—is really low. The research from this bicycle accident study was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2013 National Conference and Exhibition by Veronica Sullins, MD, from Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Sullins and her team collected the information by reviewing the Trauma and Emergency Medicine Information System for patients younger than 18 years. What the research found included:

  • 1 in 10 children in bicycle crashes wore helmets
  • There was decreased helmet use among minority groups and older children
  • Helmet use was higher in children covered by private insurance than those covered by public insurance or no insurance
  • A small number of kids under the age of 15 wear helmets
  • Bicycle helmets reduce head injuries by 63 percent to 88 percent

Based on these findings and on other past research, it is safe to say that bicycle helmets are underused by all age groups. Knowing this and that helmets can help lower brain injury and disability, we encourage all cyclists—young and old—to wear bicycle helmets in Florida.

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