The cause of your bus accident and rollover will determine who you will have a claim against. For example, if the bus driver ran a red light, was texting while driving, or was driving too long without taking the appropriate rest breaks required by the law, you should be able to hold the bus company responsible for your crash-related injuries. Also, if the bus driver didn’t have the appropriate license to be driving a large commercial bus, the bus company will be held accountable for the accident.

Additionally, if bus maintenance was the cause of the crash, the bus company may also be liable for your injuries. This can occur because the bus company failed to regularly service the bus or failed to replace old tires that had sidewall damage, were cracked, or didn’t have enough tread left on them. However, if a tire blowout caused the rollover, there is a chance that the tire manufacturer could be to blame for defective tires.

As a bus passenger, your claim would more than likely be with the unsafe bus company and not with the other driver. This is because a driver of another car involved in the crash probably wouldn’t have enough insurance to cover all the claims from bus passengers who were injured in the crash.

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