When you leave your child’s wellbeing in the hands of a daycare center, you expect the best from the caregivers. You want your child to feel safe and cared for, and you need to trust that the people watching your child would care for him as they would their own children.

It is normal that you would hold high expectations as to the standard of care your child will receive in a professionally run daycare. You want your child’s basic health, hygiene, and survival needs to be attended to regularly, as well as the emotional support that young children need as they learn to navigate the world.

When a Daycare Doesn’t Meet Your Child’s Basic Needs

So what happens when those basic needs are not being met at daycare? Your child is not being hit, shaken, or sexually abused, but something seems off. Maybe they always come home hungry or thirsty, or they seem to be developing a serious diaper rash. Have you been met with less-than-enthusiastic responses when you suggest that you would like to drop by on your lunch break to visit?

Daycare neglect is a serious problem that is cropping up around the country, and your child may be a victim. Sometimes, as daycares fight to survive financially, they may make staffing cuts. Caregivers may be spread thinner than ever before, and children are suffering the consequences. Other times, hiring standards may be lowered in order to keep the facility properly staffed for less money. Once in a while, the culprit may just be a caregiver who simply does not care about caring for your child.

One thing is for certain—daycare neglect is a serious problem that can be just as dangerous as abuse. If you suspect that your child is suffering from daycare neglect, reach out to our firm now by clicking the live chat link on this page.


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