Children who are being abused often don’t tell their parents, teachers, or other trusted adults in their lives. Unfortunately, abusers often threaten children and make it really hard for them to find the words to share with someone what they are going through. This is why it is important that if you is occurring you know how to handle the situation in the right way.  

Because child abuse is a serious topic and one that can be difficult to talk about, it is good to know what steps to take to help protect your child or someone else’s child. Some things to do when you find out a child has been abused, include:

  • Remain calm, even if you feel like crying or screaming out in anger. Don’t show the child you are disgusted or else he will shut down.
  • Reassure the child that you believe him and will help him.
  • Tell the child that he did nothing wrong and it’s not his fault.
  • Don’t ask leading questions or use your own words to repeat back to the child what happened. Let the child discuss the situation freely in his own words.
  • Remove the child from the abusive situation.
  • Make sure the child sees an experienced therapist immediately to talk about what happened.

Whenever child abuse occurs—whether sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse—it is critical to get the abused child the professional help he needs including a psychologist an attorney experienced in child abuse cases.

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