Let it…rain? As the holiday season is upon us, we look forward to cooler days, holiday parties, and relatives visiting—which gives many of us a reason to take our motorcycle out for a quick getaway!

While most of us try to avoid riding in wet weather, it is easy to get stuck somewhere when rain decides to come down. Riding in the rain is wet, for sure, but if you take the proper precautions, you can get home safely to your in-laws and other houseguests.

Being Prepared

The first thing, as any Boy Scout will tell you, is to be prepared. Before you take your bike out for the season, make sure that your tires and brakes are in good condition. If tires or pads are worn, it is worth the extra money to replace them—it will be much cheaper than replacing the bike and recovering from injuries should an accident occur.

When it rains, things that would ordinarily be completely benign can become slick hazards. Metal sewage drains and road plates can be extraordinarily slippery when wet, as can painted lane markings or speed bumps. Generally, easing back on speed a bit and applying smooth speed corrections can get you through nearly anything.

Another thing to be mindful of is the first rainfall after a long dry period. Rubber, oil, and other “road gunk” can sit on a wet road surface for a while before washing away. Let the rain have some time to clear the roads, and remember that the center of the lane generally has the most fuel and oil sitting on it, so stick to the outer edges of your lane.

By staying safe and upright on your bike, you are doing your part to stay safe. Remind your friends on four wheels to adjust their speeds accordingly for the conditions, as well, and we will be able to help keep Sarasota’s winter roads safe for all motorists!

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