If you have suffered any level of road rash, it is best to seek medical attention immediately. The only type of road rash injury you can treat yourself by cleaning it with soap and water and over-the-counter products is a first degree road burn. In this type of road rash injury, you won’t have any broken skin. However, if you have open wounds or broken skin or can see pieces of asphalt or glass in your skin, you need to go to the ER or see your doctor as soon as possible to learn about road rash treatment options.

If your wound isn’t cleaned properly, there is a chance for you to develop a staph infection that could lead to MRSA, which is a life-threatening skin-eating disease. Additionally, if you don’t receive the proper treatment, you may risk suffering permanent damage to your tissues and muscles. Sometimes riders who suffer from road rash will need stitches or even need to undergo skin graft surgery to repair the area.

When a motorcycle crash on U.S. 41 occurs anywhere around the Sarasota area, it is common for a motorcyclist to be dragged along the pavement or asphalt. When a rider’s skin comes in contact with gravel or another road surface, road rash injuries often occur. While wearing leather and safety gear can help prevent this injury, even motorcyclists who wear the appropriate gear can still suffer from road rash in serious motorcycle accidents. If you believe you suffered any degree of road rash, it is in your best interest to seek medical treatment.

By knowing what to do after suffering a road rash injury, you can help save your life. Please help save the lives of other riders by sharing this information on Facebook or Twitter.

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