Nearly all motorcyclists are aware of the risks associated with travelling in this type of vehicle. Bikers lack any external protection from impacts with objects or other vehicles, aside from their clothing and helmet. As a result, the injuries suffered in a Sarasota motorcycle accident are often severe, resulting in costly medical bills and long term rehabilitation needs.

One of the scariest injuries faced by bikers in a Florida motorcycle crash is road rash, also known as road burn. This injury occurs when the motorcycle rider is thrown or dragged from his or her bike. Since the rider is not secured by a seat belt or the external structure of a car, the skin comes into contact with the pavement, gravel, or ground. The resulting injuries could include:

  • Scrapes
  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Abrasions
  • Avulsions

Further complicating matters, the road rash can become embedded with pieces of glass, asphalt, and gravel from the ground. The biker may also suffer from broken burns or internal injuries.

The risk of infection is very high following a road rash, especially in cases where avulsion occurs. This is where all of the layers of the skin are stripped away, and the underlying muscle, fat and tendons are then left exposed to the dirt and air. These infections are very dangerous and can result in death in some cases.

To treat road rash following a Florida bike crash, doctors may utilize plastic surgery or skin grafts to repair the affected area. The treatments are often very costly and may require an extensive hospital stay. The injured biker may also need rehabilitation following release from the hospital.

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