You can go ahead and ask the store for compensation for your medical bills, but you need to remember three things:

  1. Add up all your medical bills – Many people forget to account for the ambulance bill, emergency room visit, x-rays, tests, co-pays, prescriptions, physical therapy, and even cab rides to doctor’s appointments.
  2. Account for other damages – Not only should you be asking to be reimbursed for your medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses related to your injury, but you may need future medical care. Additionally, you may have lost income, and should be compensated for those wages as well as pain and suffering damages.
  3. Don’t give up – Most stores don’t want to admit fault and pay out on slip and fall claims, so they will most likely deny your claim for compensation. Don’t let a denial make you give up on your claim. You can seek legal help to help.

If a store failed to warn you of the hazardous condition, or failed to repair the danger in a timely manner, they may be liable for your slip and fall accident. However, the amount of damages you receive will depend on the type of injury you sustained, if you need ongoing medical care, and whether or not you lost income.

Unfortunately, stores don’t often take claims seriously without the involvement of a lawyer. By getting an attorney involved and filing a slip and fall lawsuit, you can rest assured knowing your case will be looked at seriously and that you level the playing field to get the justice and just compensation you need and deserve. To make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to, we welcome your call, and will answer your questions in a free consultation at 888-409-3805.

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