There are several things that can help establish that the truck driver was negligent and caused your injuries. In order to determine that a trucker made a careless and reckless decision that led to your crash and injuries, it is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side who has previously handled other trucking accident cases.

An Experienced Lawyer Will Know What to Do

Knowledgeable lawyers will know what to look for at the scene of the accident and what the damages and skid marks indicate. Your lawyer may hire a vehicle accident reconstruction expert to analyze the crash information in an effort to strengthen your case. In addition to these things, an attorney can immediately ask for the truck driver’s log books and black box data from the electronic control module (ECM), also known as an onboard computer. These records will give you insight into how fast the truck was traveling, if sudden braking occurred, if there were any maintenance issues, and how much time a driver spent on the road prior to the crash.

A lawyer also knows that trucking companies have drug test results and personal files on truck drivers and knows how important it is to quickly request this information on the specific trucker involved. All of this information your lawyer can get his hands on may be able to help you prove that the truck driver made a negligent decision that led to the truck crash and your injuries in Sarasota.

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