Whether you were involved in a truck accident on I-75, U.S. 41, or on U.S. 301, the outcome of your crash is likely to be similar—resulting in serious property damage and injuries for you and your occupants. Due to a truck’s large size and heavy weight, serious damages can occur. Unfortunately, trucking companies and their insurance carriers are quick to try to point the finger at you in an effort to limit their liability.

For this reason, it is critical that you have a law firm to turn to immediately following a truck crash that will start building your accident case. At Mallard Perez, we know how serious trucking accidents can be and how critical preserving evidence is in getting our clients the most compensation possible. This is why we immediately go to work on a case—focusing on four areas of a trucking accident claim, including:

  1. Investigation – By conducting a thorough investigation, we gain valuable information that can help strengthen your claim. We will inspect the vehicles involved, the accident scene, and the police reports. We will also interview witnesses and leave no stone unturned investigating your accident.
  2. Evidence – We know how important a truck driver’s logbooks are in an accident and it can show how much time he spent behind the wheel without taking the proper breaks. We will request the driver’s books, and we will secure the truck’s black box data recorder and GPS system to provide us with more information about the crash. We understand the importance of securing evidence promptly before anything is misplaced or destroyed.
  3. Evaluation – After we investigate and collect evidence to strengthen your case, we will evaluate the damages you suffered. This can include the type of injuries you sustained, the cost of your medical bills, any future medical care, property damage, lost income, and even the loss of future earning abilities.
  4. Preparation – We know that winning a successful settlement or verdict requires careful case preparation right from the very beginning of the case. By preparing your case for trial from the start, the insurance company will take your case seriously.

It is our goal to get you the most compensation possible in your case, which is why we prioritize the accident investigation, preservation of evidence, and case evaluation and preparation. If you have been injured in a trucking accident—don’t delay seeking legal help.

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