There are many reasons why people choose not to wear bicycle helmets. Here are some excuses and talking points that could help you in your discussion:

  • I don’t want to spend the money on one. If your husband doesn’t want to purchase a helmet due to financial reasons, remind him that it is better to spend a little on a helmet to keep you and your children safe than to have to spend thousands on medical bills in the event of a Sarasota bicycle crash.
  • It isn’t cool. Children often have this conception. Try and get your son to see that the consequences of a crash are definitely not cooler than wearing a helmet. Is it cool to have a noticeable facial injury or to walk around on crutches? Definitely not! Explain that wearing a helmet is like wearing a seat belt. If he gets injured, he may not be able to participate in the things he likes to do anymore.
  • It will mess up my hair. While adults and children alike worry about their hairstyles, it is best to bring a brush and style their hair once they reach their destination.
  • I forgot. By strapping the helmet and locking it onto the bike, there shouldn’t be a reason to ever forget about wearing a bicycle helmet again.
  • I won’t crash. While no one ever thinks they will crash, remind your son and husband that they cannot control the actions of a driver. Even experienced cyclists crash due to aggressive and negligent drivers.

We know that many people have other excuses and simply just don’t want to wear bicycle helmets. This is why it is a good idea to have these discussions with your family, and to help them to consider wearing helmets going forward.

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