Riding a motorcycle can be risky, which is why it is important that motorcyclists stay as safe as possible while on the road. In order to decrease the chance of crashing, there are some technologies that can help protect riders. One of these technologies includes motorcycles being equipped with antilock braking systems (ABS). Antilock brakes can prevent a motorcycle from locking up and skidding when the brakes are applied. Shockingly, many motorcycles are sold without ABS, which is why it is important that motorcyclists pay the extra money to get their bikes equipped with antilock brakes.

An emerging technology that could help reduce motorcycle crashes is a road surface condition monitoring system. Although this technology is not available yet, it will alert a rider of roadway hazards in order to avoid hitting pot holes or debris in the road. Other technologies that are already in cars such as electronic stability control systems, curve speed warnings, and animal and pedestrian detection systems are being looked at to determine if it is possible to add to these technologies to motorcycles.

While there might not be as many crash avoidance technologies on motorcycles as there are on cars, the technologies in many cars can help keep motorcyclists safe. For example, there are many car companies that use lane departure warning systems and other crash avoidance warning systems in their vehicles to reduce the number of traffic collisions. These technologies will alert drivers changing lanes that motorcycles are in their blind spots, helping to keep riders safe.

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