Riding a motorcycle in Florida has its advantages. Our mild climate allows motorcycle riders to enjoy a ride even during the winter months; not many other places in the United States can make the same claim. However, just because there are advantages of owning a bike in our state doesn’t mean that motorcyclists don’t have any troubles on the road.

No matter what highway, road, or street motorcyclists traverse, there is always the potential for crashing due to other drivers. In fact, one of the main causes of motorcycle crashes is drivers switching lanes in front of (or sometimes even on top of) motorcycles. While most drivers try to avoid hitting other cars when they change lanes, many drivers fail to look out for motorcycles. Collisions then typically occur in the following ways:

  • The motorcyclist doesn’t have time to react and ends up getting hit by the car that changes lanes into him.
  • The motorcyclist abruptly changes lanes to avoid getting hit, but crashes into another car or obstacle as a result.
  • The motorcyclist attempts to bring his bike to a sudden stop, but ends up laying his motorcycle onto the road.

In any of the scenarios listed above, one thing is for certain: motorcyclists suffer serious injuries due to negligent drivers switching lanes without looking. This is why it is important that every driver must look out for motorcyclists before changing lanes and must signal his intentions by using the vehicle’s blinkers.

When motorcyclists see flashing red lights on the rear of vehicles or turn signals flashing on side mirrors, riders can prepare accordingly and have a greater chance of avoiding a crash. This is why we encourage all motorists to stay alert this holiday season and to always use turn signals when changing lanes.

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