The winter season brings holidays, football, and cheer to everyone here in Florida. It also brings thousands of visitors to our wonderful state that are looking to soak up the fun and sun that the Florida coast has to offer.

When it comes to the holidays, transportation officials tend to fixate on drunk driving, and for good reason—parties and gatherings tend to get everyone in the festive mood, and the odds that someone may get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated are very high.

No Matter How You Celebrate, Plan Your Safe Route Home

From tailgating, Thanksgiving celebrations, and beach gatherings, to a night at the bar, many people live a short distance away from Florida’s biggest attractions and nightlife. While you may think your best bet to stay safe is to walk home from your event, if you have had a few to drink—think again. Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that in pedestrian deaths, pedestrians were impaired over 35 percent of the time, while drivers were impaired in 14 percent of the accidents.

Alcohol impairment affects your walking just as it does your driving, with slowed reaction times, poor judgment, and lowered motor skills. If you plan on walking home from a party or night out, be sure that you plan ahead to have a sober friend walk back with you, or arrange for a taxi or ride sharing service.

Just as the Bucs have an entire playbook at their disposal, you should also have one for your nights out on the town. Know who to call—whether it is a friend, family member, or taxi service—and when to call them so that you are on the defensive for the most important thing: your safety!

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