There is always going to be someone in a group that gives the entire group a bad name, which is the case with motorcyclists. Unfortunately, motorcyclists as a whole have a reputation of being reckless. While there always is going to be a motorcyclist swerving in and out of traffic and riding dangerously, the truth of the matter is that most motorcycle riders drive safely because they know the risks.

When a collision occurs involving a car and motorcycle, most drivers and occupants are quick to place blame on the motorcyclist; however, according to a recent Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) study on motorcycle accidents in Florida, other motorists are generally at fault. In fact, the study indicates that drivers of other vehicles involved in collisions with motorcycles were found to be at fault about 60 percent of the time.

The main cause of car and motorcycle accidents on Florida roads is drivers who fail to yield the right of way to motorcycles. This is why FDOT has been advocating for drivers to “Look Twice for Motorcycles.” While motorcycles are more difficult for drivers to see since they are smaller, drivers need to do a better job watching out for motorcycles. Because motorcycles aren’t invisible, drivers will see them if they spend more time looking out for them.

Unfortunately, many drivers are in a hurry and don’t spend the necessary time to look for motorcyclists. This is why our law firm encourages every driver to take a couple of extra seconds to look for motorcyclists before making a turn or changing lanes. Getting to your destination two seconds later won’t matter, but not spending those extra two seconds might change someone else’s life for the worse. We urge you to take the challenge: Look twice to save a life.

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